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Example of a supportive kit gifted from MFITF: Every gifted kit will differ from the next, pictures are for examples only.

Information and Disclaimers Regarding Supportive Kits

Support kits are limited to those with a diagnosis of cancer who have been diagnosed or undergone treatment (surgery/chemo/radiation) within the past 18 months.

Support kits are limited to one per client. Additional items on a need basis maybe sent throughout your time as an active client with MFITF.

Supportive kits contents will vary depending on availability, personal needs, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Support kits are funded through public donations. Any donations made are greatly appreciated to ensure the continued support of this service. If you would like to donate to this amazing cause please click the link below that states "Donate Now". Your donation maybe eligible for tax-exemption, please discuss your personal eligibility with your Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Each support kit is estimated to cost anywhere from $80-$240

Recipients of the treatment kit must reside within the United States of America. If you or your loved one lives outside of Michigan, please allow an addition 7-10 business days for delivery from time of request.

Support kits are limited to availability and supportive funding. Those in active treatment and those who reside in Michigan will be prioritized for receiving a supportive kit over those who have completed treatment or living outside of Michigan.

If you have any special requests or questions regarding your request please call us at 586.848.2133 or email us at

Request a Support/Treatment Kit for Yourself

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MFITF may require further information from you prior to shipping, we maybe contacting you if any clarification or more information is needed. Please watch for an email/phone call. If Text is preferred and "ok" please fill out the text waiver form found on the "Sign Up Forms Page" Click the Purple Bar below to be directed to this page

What better way to show a friend or loved one that you are there for them through their fight? When someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, you may feel helpless and not know what to do! Let Michigan Faith in the Fight help!! We will make a personalized treatment kit, specific to your loved one's diagnosis, treatment, and unique needs. Their treatment kit will contain all of the items that they may need for the "just in case" days. The supportive kit will be sent to your loved one by mail or delivery with a personalized card from you! Each kit takes approximately 5-10 business days from the time of request to create and mail/deliver.

Included in each treatment kit:

  • Resources for managing any possible side effects that maybe associated or common with their diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Instructions for prevention of common side effects, maintaining adequate nutrition, and how to use the contents of the kit.

  • Each kit will contain items that your loved one will have on hand for the unexpected days.

  • Your loved one will have multiple ways to help in any situation that may arise during their journey.

  • Examples of kit contents include: Skin care products, soft head covers, mouth care products, nutritional products, hydration products, thermometers, over the counter modalities that are commonly used for patients to relieve, prevent, and improve side effects. There is much that these amazing gifts contain, please feel free to contact us to request any specific items or inquire more about what will be used in your loved ones supportive kit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 586.848.2133 or email us at

Request a Support/Treatment Kit for a Friend or Loved One.

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MFITF may require further information from the recipient of the support kit, please inform your family/friend that we maybe contacting them if any clarification is needed.

Please notify your loved one that someone will be reaching out to them to ensure all safety considerations are reviewed prior to preparing their personalized kit.

Example of a supportive kit gifted from MFITF: Every gifted kit will differ from the next, pictures are for examples only.