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Story of Renee - Vice President of Michigan Faith in the Fight

I want to share the short version of my story so you can understand what Michigan’s Faith in the Fight really does for those of us who battled cancer, or are currently battling cancer. Being diagnosed at 27, a couple months before my wedding, was a nightmare. I never imagined taking a leave of absence from my classroom. I never imagined being bald on my wedding day. I never imagined missing my bachelorette party or my honeymoon and I definitely never imagined going through a double mastectomy and reconstruction before my 30th birthday. I was starting to feel like my world was collapsing down on me and this is why I am so grateful I met Gina Pearson through my medical team. I literally can’t imagine this process without her. If I could have one wish, it would be that everyone has a Gina in their life during cancer. Gina Pearson is the most selfless and caring medical professional I could have ever hoped for. She turned into one of my most trusted and best friends through this horrific time. Gina made sure I got down the aisle to my wedding. She made sure I was as comfortable as someone can be during treatment. She was there for me 24/7 and still is. She was there for me while I moved furniture out of anger from the street lights in my eyes, recovering in the recliner. She was there when I got admitted to the hospital right before the wedding with no white blood cells. She was there for my bridezilla meltdown…She was there when I missed my bachelorette party… and she was there when I needed a blood transfusion. She was there when I needed her for friends undergoing treatment. I made it through 20 weeks of chemo because this foundation was there for me. I made it through a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I am currently making it through the after effects of reconstruction and chemo because of this nonprofit. No one talks about what young people go through with infertility after cancer. This nonprofit has linked me to some of the most amazing people to help us have a small chance of a family. This organization has cut and colored my hair multiple times to help me feel beautiful again. I hated how I looked, like a little boy with a buzz cut and then the helmet head…. I felt like a lady again, I felt confident and I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The bond you form with this foundation is precious because not every individual truly understands what is going on with you or your body like they do. This foundation will go to the moon and back for their clients, whether it is emotional, financial, or physical needs.

Renee now leads as the vice president of Michigan Faith in the Fight, along with her husband Tim, our treasurer. They have both been selflessly committed to the success of this organization by ensuring ongoing success in leading multiple projects, providing survivor to survivor support, management of all social media pages, organization and management of all back office files to ensure we continue to excel in exceeding compliance expectations. The Magee's are the backbone of the organization and without them we would not be able to continue to provide exceptional support to those diagnosed with cancer.

Tim Magee (Treasurer), Renee Magee (Vice President), and Macy Magee (MFITF Mascot).

Founder and President of Michigan Faith in the Fight

Gina Pearson (President) and Michael Pearson (Secretary) during delivery of of our "Fresh Produce Project"

In Memory of Annette (Gina's Sister) .

May 8th, 1970-June 19, 1997

Ewing's Sarcoma

About Gina Pearson, AOCNP

Gina Pearson is a Board Certified Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner who has devoted over the past 20+ years to caring for those diagnosed with cancer. She practices full time in a private oncology clinic, while continuing to pursue her passion of lightening the load of this diagnosis on those affected. She also has a young family (4 children) she loves dearly and still manages to find the time to devote to her beautiful children. In 1993, Gina's older sister (Annette) was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma, at the young age of 23 years old. Unfortunately, Annette lost her life in June of 1997 to this disease. During her journey their was a small Non-Profit Organization (My Friends Care) who devoted multiple hours, service, and assisted in raising dollars to help along Annette's cancer journey. Since that time, Gina has always had the dream to begin a similar entity to help make this diagnosis and journey easier for patients and their families.

"In a 15 minute office visit it is almost impossible to prompt every question, address every issue, and develop a supportive treatment plan to ensure those on treatment or post treatment are able to feel their best." She is very passionate about people taking involvement in their own care, controlling and preventing potential side effects and truly feeling their best after receiving a diagnosis of cancer (whether during active treatment or after active treatment). Gina recognizes that patients know themselves better than anyone else and the key to positive outcomes is building a strong relationship and truly listening to her clients. She utilizes a holistic approach (mind, body, spiritual, social) to assist in creating a personalized plan (at any stage in the diagnoses) for each client that result in positive outcomes after a diagnosis of cancer. Through the non-profit she provides many hours of 100% volunteered time to ensure no-one has to battle this disease blind, alone, or feeling less then their best. She also offers private cancer coaching through her functional medicine concierge service program, please feel free to inquire further if this is something your interested in obtaining more information.

MFITF Mascot Macy Magee

Macy Magee was adopted by Renee and Tim during Renee's diagnosis and treatment with breast cancer. She has remained a loyal, protective, and an unconditional support to her mom and dad during those very scary times. She has also been present at most of MFITF's events and continues to be our youngest and most adorable member. Macy Magee is Michigan Faith in the Fight!

Volunteers and Event Supporters

Volunteer opportunities are available for specific projects, programs, and events. We will post a volunteer sign up for specific needs as they arise. Please continue to check back on this page from time to time for more information and sign up sheets. We follow a very strict privacy policy for all of our clients, therefore all volunteers who may receive information about a client may require HIPPA Training and Compliance.