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Happy Birthday to Beckett! 

Beckett Fowler was diagnosed with ATRT Brain Cancer almost a year ago, just a month after his third birthday. He received treatment at St. Jude Research Hospital, undergoing six weeks of brain and spine radiation and five months of chemotherapy, which included 31 blood and platelet transfusions. Thankfully, Beckett was able to complete his treatment and was declared cancer-free on November 22. We were overjoyed to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family and friends. We even had a special celebration at St. Jude, followed by a visit to Chuck E. Cheese's at Beckett's request, where he spent time with all his loved ones. He has resumed swim lessons and enjoys playing with his siblings, cousins, and brothers. His hair is also starting to grow back. We are eagerly looking forward to celebrating his fourth birthday with a big party on Saturday, February 24, and continuing the tradition with our yearly Birthday Monster Jam in Detroit the day after.

We have follow-up scans every three months for the first two years. The next set of scans is scheduled for March 4. We are hopeful that these scans will confirm that Beckett is still cancer-free. Once his scans come back clear, we will be able to remove his port, which will alleviate some of our anxiety regarding fevers and infections.

Beckett is still absolutely obsessed with monster trucks. He also loves the color purple and remains deeply in love with his family. Lately, his favorite foods are Dino chicken nuggets and bananas, although his preferences tend to change every few weeks. He enjoys playing outside whenever possible. Unfortunately, Beckett’s parents had to remove his old swing set because it was in a state of disrepair and not safe following his brain surgery and uncertain prognosis last year. 

The Fowlers are a beautiful family of 6 (four children total, ages 13, 11, 9 and Beckett will be 4 on Thursday February 22nd). At the time of his diagnosis they did not only lose a safe and secure outdoor play area but also time together as a family. Beckett and his parents have spent many months out of state for his cancer treatments, leaving his older brother and sisters home with family in Michigan. This year for Becketts birthday he has asked for a place to ride his bike (their subdivision does not have sidewalks), a swing-set, and a play house. Michigan Faith in the Fight has started the process of creating this backyard oasis for Beckett and his siblings. What better time but right around his 4th birthday! We are looking for volunteer to help us put together the outdoor play equipment and donations to go towards this projects. If there are any left over donations after the project is completed it will be gifted to the Fowlers and be put towards their ongoing fight to keep Beckett’s cancer away. 

Thank you so very much for your support of this beautiful family and brave young man! Feel free to message us privately if you would like to participate in the build out! If you are interested in making a donation you may click the link attached or mail a check to : 

Michigan Faith in the Fight

PO Box 180

Washington Twp., MI 48094

 Thank you for your support!

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We are a 100% volunteer-based, registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Tax deductions are available for those who qualify. 

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We are a 100% volunteer-based, registered Non-Profit Organization that provides personalized and ongoing support from the time of a diagnosis with cancer, during treatment, and through survivorship.  

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Our Mission

 Michigan Faith in the Fight (MFITF), also known as, Faith in the Fight, Inc. is a 100% volunteer  based 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We strive to assist residents of Michigan, men or women, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially, while they are faced with the diagnosis of cancer. We focus on reducing unnecessary fears and “what if’s” of those facing a diagnosis of cancer with a personalized and holistic (physical, mental, social, financially, and spiritual) approach. Have one of our cancer coaches contact you today!

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We are a 100% volunteer-based, registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Tax deductions are available for those who qualify. 

Integrative Oncology services

Save $50 on initial Oncology Consultation and Comprehensive Plan with Allied Wellness Solutions (AWS), A division of cancer care wellness. AWS provides supportive functional medicine services to those who are at all stages of cancer. Certified integrative oncology medical providers will collaborate with your oncologist to ensure you are given all the possible tools available to keep your body as healthy as possible, inhospitable to cancer, and with the least short and long term side effects after a diagnosis and/or treatment. 

They offer personalized care plans that include molecular pathology recommendations for your "health plan" (your oncologist manages your cancer/sick plan) , nutritional plan, micronutrient monitoring, appropriate supplement recommendations (based off deficiencies and after review of interactions with current medications), IV therapies, Ozone therapy, and much more. 

Call 586-850-4551 to inquire about their programs. Mention MFITF and receive $50 off your initial consultation.