Faith in The Fight, Inc. DBA: Michigan Faith in the Fight. 

How Can I Help Support Faith in the Fight, Inc (DBA: Michigan Faith in the Fight)

We are a 100% volunteer-based, registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Tax deductions are available for those who qualify. 

Supportive Kits 

Treatment Kit Availability Dependent on Support From our Community! If we are unable to provide you with the requested needs we will assist in finding resources in our community to further help!

We are a 100% volunteer-based, registered Non-Profit Organization that provides personalized and ongoing support from the time of a diagnosis with cancer, during treatment, and through survivorship.  

2. Request a Treatment/Support Kit (For Initial Supportive Kit Request) Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive as this is made personalized to each clients individualized needs and some items may need to ordered. 

3. Physician Referral: For medical office staff or practitioners only. Click the link below to request specific supportive measures for your patients. 

4. Personalized Donation Form: Please complete this form after you have submitted a donation in the memory or honor of a loved one. 

Introduction and Descriptions of Services (This page, scroll down for more information).

Contact Information

Email us at 

Mailing Address: PO BOX 180

Washington Twp., MI 48094

(Donations can be made to Faith in the Fight, Inc. or Michigan Faith in the Fight)

(Times may vary dependent on availability of volunteer needed for your specific need.)

Please allow 48 hours for return call/email. Be sure to include the best time and way to contact you. Forms must be completed in full, if the form is incomplete this may result in your request being delayed or not fulfilled. 

Our Mission

 Michigan Faith in the Fight (MFITF), also known as, Faith in the Fight, Inc. is a 100% volunteer  based 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We strive to assist residents of Michigan, men or women, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially, while they are faced with the diagnosis of cancer. We focus on reducing unnecessary fears and “what if’s” of those facing a diagnosis of cancer with a personalized and holistic (physical, mental, social, financially, and spiritual) approach. Have one of our cancer coaches contact you today!

Programs Offered

**availability dependent on resources**

We are a 100% volunteer-based, registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Tax deductions are available for those who qualify. 

Integrative Oncology services

Save $50 on initial Oncology Consultation and Comprehensive Plan with Allied Wellness Solutions (AWS), A division of cancer care wellness. AWS provides supportive functional medicine services to those who are at all stages of cancer. Certified integrative oncology medical providers will collaborate with your oncologist to ensure you are given all the possible tools available to keep your body as healthy as possible, inhospitable to cancer, and with the least short and long term side effects after a diagnosis and/or treatment. 

They offer personalized care plans that include molecular pathology recommendations for your "health plan" (your oncologist manages your cancer/sick plan) , nutritional plan, micronutrient monitoring, appropriate supplement recommendations (based off deficiencies and after review of interactions with current medications), IV therapies, Ozone therapy, and much more. 

Call 586-850-4551 to inquire about their programs. Mention MFITF and receive $50 off your initial consultation.